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An East London-based watch brand called Unknown makes watches. The label’s founders also have an interest in remaining anonymous, as inspired by the anonymous unknown london creator of the first wristwatch. Understated timepieces by this label draw inspiration from vintage designs, art, and fashion. A Shoreditch studio designs, sketches, and modifies each watch until it is perfected. Watches with clean lines and minimal details tend to be both classic and modern at the same time. Mesh or leather straps, colors and prints add standout details while the basic shapes remain the same.
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London’s street fashion culture is being shaped by Unknown London. Kevin De Silva shares his thoughts on the UK’s best emerging brand and what fashion looks like in the future.

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Streetwear brand London Underground opened a pop-up store in Soho on August 7 2021. As their Instagram follower count recently reached 100,000, the timing was perfect for them. Feather Pendants built 100 custom-built 100k Championship Rings to commemorate the milestone. It featured intricate details with 18k White Gold, Cubic Zirconia baguettes, and crystals. The rings were individually numbered and authenticated.

The AW23 Collection provides a compelling example of Unknown Clothing’s creative ability. Take a virtual tour of this season’s offerings and discover the design elements, color palettes, and overarching themes. Fashion powerhouse Unknown Clothing showcases its evolution through the AW23 Collection, which features avant-garde pieces and wardrobe staples.